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DeepAuto's AI Automation Attracts Funding from Naver

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea - Deepauto, an AI operations automation startup, has received investment from Naver D2 Startup Factory (D2SF). 

Why It Matters:

This development is notable in the context of growing commercial interest in AI and its practical applications in business environments.

The Key Points

  • Deepauto's AutoMLOps technology automates the implementation of machine learning models for enterprises, addressing data preparation, training, evaluation, optimization, and deployment.
  • The technology claims to offer more efficient model exploration and training compared to similar solutions from Google and Microsoft, achieving competitive performance at a lower cost.
  • Deepauto has established partnerships with various companies, including Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Cheil Worldwide, and Stradvision, and is expanding its network in North America.
  • The company was founded by Professor Hwang Seong-ju of KAIST AI Lab, who has a background in co-founding AI companies.

What They Say:

Yang Sang-hwan, head of Naver D2SF, commented on the ongoing challenges of AI adoption and suggested that Deepauto's solution could enable more practical and impactful applications of AI in various sectors. 

What Comes Next:

Deepauto is actively recruiting talent to support its growth and expansion, particularly in engineering, design, and business development. 

The company's strategy includes expanding its product line and reducing the costs associated with GPU usage in 2024.

In addition to Deepauto, Naver D2SF has invested in early-stage AI startups since 2015. 

Its portfolio includes companies such as FuriosaAI (AI semiconductor development), CrowdWorks (AI data platforms), MakinaRocks (manufacturing AI), and Datarize (e-commerce AI).