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Dubai Summit Highlights Emerging Tech: Blockchain, Web3, and AI

Source: Future Blockchain Summit

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - The Future Blockchain Summit 2023 kicked off at Dubai Harbour. 

The event attracted 150 exhibitors and representatives from over 50 countries, demonstrating Dubai's international role in blockchain and crypto technologies.

Regulatory Landscape

Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairman of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, provided data on the UAE's regulatory approach to balance freedom and oversight for crypto and blockchain companies. 

Sulayem asserted that the UAE's policy framework is structured to provide crypto companies with unique operational support.

Government's role in the gaming industry

The summit's focus extended to the intersection of gaming and web3 technologies. A panel of Pavel Kasperovich of the Boston Consulting Group and John Lacey of Tencent Games Global discussed government influence in the gaming sector. 

Kasperovich highlighted that simplifying processes such as obtaining visas and tax incentives is critical to the industry. Lacey cited Abu Dhabi's strategy, which goes beyond financial investment to include talent development and networking in the gaming sector.

AI and Web3 Technologies

Emil Jimenez, CEO of MindBank Ai, discussed the potential of artificial intelligence in Web3. Jimenez presented the concept of AI-driven digital twins as foundational elements for future Web3 applications.

Skills needed for AI deployment

OG Arabian Prince, a founding member of N.W.A., addressed the skills needed to deploy AI effectively. Despite its capabilities, he emphasized that AI requires skill and understanding for practical implementation.

The event will continue from October 16 to 18, focusing on blockchain, Web3, and crypto technologies. 

The event underscores Dubai's emergence as a significant player in these sectors, facilitated by its regulatory framework and focus on verticals such as gaming and artificial intelligence.