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Gaudio Lab Unveils AI-Powered 'Just Voice Recorder' App

Source: Gaudio Lab

Seoul, South Korea - Gaudio Lab, an AI audio technology start-up, has released "Just Voice Recorder," a mobile recording application that utilizes AI noise cancellation technology. 

Currently available on iOS, the app is designed to provide users with high-quality recordings while addressing security concerns through on-device AI processing.

The Just Voice Recorder employs Gaudio Lab's AI sound source separation technology (GSEP) and Loudness Management (LM1) technology to isolate and enhance human voices within recordings. 

The app has been recognized with a CES Innovation Award and was a finalist at the SXSW Innovation Awards 2024.

The Just Voice Recorder offers real-time recording capabilities and enhanced playback functionality for previously recorded files, thus enabling users to clarify the content that background noise affects. 

The company is currently engaged in the development of an Android version of the app.

Gaudio Lab, established in 2015, has received financial backing from several prominent global strategic investors, including SBVA, Samsung Venture Investment, and Naver Corp. 

In 2014, the company's spatial audio technology for headphones was selected as the binaural renderer for the ISO/IEC MPEG-H Audio standard.