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HYBE Acquires QC Media Holdings to Expand Global Footprint.

Source: HYBE

HYBE (KRX: 352820) has announced a historic agreement with QC Media Holdings, the parent company of the music, sports, film, and television empires of Pierre “P” Thomas and Kevin “Coach K” Lee.

The acquisition is the first step in HYBE’s grand vision to create a global entertainment platform focused on music, artists, and their fans.

QC, a highly influential independent label, is responsible for the success of groundbreaking artists such as Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, and City Girls.

The partnership will allow QC to benefit from HYBE’s global entertainment innovation capabilities and advance HYBE’s strategy to expand and diversify its presence in the music industry.

HYBE is committed to breakthrough innovation through technology investments and strategic partnerships.

In addition to its innovative global platform, Weverse, and recently acquired audio artificial intelligence company, Supertone, HYBE has strategically diversified its offerings.

The acquisition of QC is essential in this direction as it expands HYBE’s presence into other music genres.

This collaboration is the first initiative led by Scooter Braun as CEO of HYBE AMERICA, highlighting his key role in HYBE’s expansion plans, given his reputation and experience in the industry.

The partnership between HYBE and QC is expected to bring significant benefits to both companies and the artists and fans they serve.

“This partnership is vital to our growth plan to innovate the entertainment industry through a diversified portfolio and advanced technology. We will work together to continue adding depth of hip-hop to the global music industry,” said Bang Si-Hyuk, Chairman of HYBE.

“QC and HYBE have an existing relationship with the Universal Music Group family of companies, making this partnership seamless. The artists of QC are our focus, and their best interests will be incredibly supported with this partnership,” said Pierre “P” Thomas, Co-Founder and CEO of QC.

“A bonus of this partnership is that QC and HYBE have relationships with the UMG family, creating an easy flow to benefit the artists.

The artists of QC are our focus, and their best interests will be incredibly supported with this partnership,” said Kevin “Coach K” Lee, Co-Founder and COO of QC.

HYBE’s acquisition of QC Media Holdings is a significant step in the company’s mission to create a global entertainment platform for music, artists, and fans.

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