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Hyundai Mobis Unveils AI-Based Acoustic Inspection System

Source: Hyundai Mobis

Seoul, South Korea—Hyundai Mobis Co., Ltd. (012330. KS) has announced the development of an AI system that uses sound to assess product quality. 

The system has been implemented in production lines.

The system, which employs the analysis of subtle sounds from products to determine quality, has been installed at Hyundai Mobis' Changwon plant, which manufactures electric power steering (EPS) systems.

Hyundai Mobis asserts that the acoustic AI system can inspect one EPS unit per second and identify defective products and their causes. 

The Changwon plant produces approximately 1.3 million EPS units annually.

Hyundai Mobis has signaled its intention to extend the deployment of the acoustic AI inspection system to other production lines, including those that manufacture braking systems. 

The company aims to accumulate a substantial corpus of exclusive acoustic data to refine its in-house AI models and enhance their accuracy over time.

The deployment of AI for quality control illustrates the growing prevalence of the technology in industrial applications despite the considerable attention that generative AI aimed at consumers is attracting.