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Hyundai Tests Navigation Solution for Visually Impaired in Singapore

Source: Hyundai Motor Company

Seoul, South Korea / Singapore - Hyundai Motor Group has partnered with SG Enable and the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH) to introduce an indoor/outdoor navigation solution for the visually impaired.

Why it matters:

As the mobility industry and society move into the smart city era, accommodating people with disabilities is a growing concern for technology providers.

The movement of both parties may provide some insight and solutions to this issue.

The Key Points

  • Research Collaboration: In partnership with SG Enable and SAVH, Hyundai will conduct research to refine mobility solutions for the visually impaired. This research aims to enhance vehicle-based services and identify opportunities to improve urban mobility for people with disabilities.
  • Technical details: Hyundai has tapped tech startups to provide a navigation guide that uses hardware-free positioning and computer vision. Mapxus will provide Wi-Fi-based indoor navigation, while Ailytics will use computer vision technology for CCTV video analysis.
  • Test site: Enabling Village, managed by SG Enable and Singapore's first inclusive community space, will host the pilot program. Visually impaired participants will test the solution for ten weeks and provide feedback to shape future iterations.

The Big Picture

The first phase of this project will launch in Los Angeles in 2021 with wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

Hyundai's broader goal is to become a human-centered mobility provider.

The next phase of its Universal Mobility Project will further streamline transportation solutions for people with mobility limitations by integrating purpose-built vehicles.

Hyundai's Smart City vision, unveiled in 2022, envisions an urban future centered on human values.

This includes diverse mobility solutions that address the transportation challenges faced by people with disabilities.