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INVOL ULTRA: SoftBank's Answer to Antiviral Tech Protection

Source: Softbank

SoftBank SELECTION Introduces INVOL ULTRA Coating.

Why It Matters: SoftBank SELECTION, a division of SB C&S, announced on July 21, 2023, the release of INVOL ULTRA Coating, a new antiviral and antibacterial film for electronic devices.

The Key Points

  • Bonding Mechanism: The coating utilizes an atomic-scale chemical bonding method that provides adherence to device surfaces. The nanoindentation test under ISO 14577 standards verifies the increase in surface hardness after the coating is applied.
  • Durability: The ULTRA Coating, due to its chemical bonding nature, provides both adhesive and permanent qualities with a durability that can extend up to one year, depending on the usage of the device.
  • Certification: The product has been awarded the SIAA Mark Certification by the Society for Antimicrobial Articles Association, confirming its antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is important to note that the product has not been tested against all possible microbes.
  • Features and Pricing: Besides its antimicrobial properties, the coating offers anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint properties. It will be available in select SoftBank SELECTION and Y-mobile stores from July 21, priced at JPY 7,488 for smartphones and JPY 9,936 for tablets.

The Big Picture: This product release aligns with the trend in the tech accessories sector, with a growing demand for multifunctional products.

With the proliferation of devices and heightened hygiene concerns worldwide, offerings such as ULTRA Coating address the dual needs of device protection and cleanliness.

As with any new product launch, its long-term market impact will be determined by its performance and user feedback.