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Jungkook's Anticipated Solo '3D': Artistic Insights & Collaborations

Source: BigHit Music

Seoul, South Korea - The charismatic Jungkook of global sensation BTS has given fans yet another reason to anticipate his upcoming solo single, "3D".

On September 25th at midnight KST, the K-pop heartthrob unveiled the second concept art for the single, sending the online sphere into a frenzy.

The Key Points

  • The unveiled image, described as the "2D" version, gives fans a glimpse into the artistic direction of "3D". Jungkook's free-spirited street style is contrasted with what appears to be an otherworldly corridor reminiscent of a spaceship. Together with the background of a striking silver sculpture, the setting emphasizes the ethereal aura of the photo.
  • Creative techniques such as the fisheye lens effect give the images a dynamic feel, adding depth and perspective. Close-up portraits of Jungkook evoke an almost tangible 3D sensation, blurring the line between reality and vision.
  • The upcoming "3D" is an R&B-pop blend that metaphorically navigates the complexities of unattainable affections through the lens of multiple dimensions. Notably, the track collaborates with rapper Jack Harlow, known for chart-topping tracks like "First Class" and his "INDUSTRY BABY" collaboration with Lil Nas X.

The anticipation for "3D" is heightened following the success of Jungkook's debut solo single "Seven (feat. Latto)", which established him as a global pop figure last July.

Fans and critics alike are on the edge of their seats, expecting another stellar performance from the singer.

Adding to the anticipation, a snippet of "3D" was recently premiered at the '2023 Global Citizen Festival in New York's iconic Central Park, where it received a rousing ovation from the international audience.

With Jungkook's consistent track record of hits, both with BTS and as a solo artist, the upcoming "3D" is undoubtedly on the radar of K-pop enthusiasts and music lovers worldwide.

Mark your calendars for the 29th - another musical masterpiece is on the horizon.

Note: Stay tuned to the official BTS channels for more exclusive sneak peeks of 3D.