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K-Drama "Reborn Rich" Boosts Streaming Platform Users.

Source: jTBC

The South Korean drama “Reborn Rich” has seen a surge in popularity on streaming platforms.

According to statistics from the IGAWorks Mobile Index, the Netflix app had about 11.6 million monthly active users last month (MAU), up nearly 700,000 from the previous month.

This increase in viewership can be attributed to the success of the series “Reborn Rich,” which was available on Netflix, TVing, and Disney+ from November 18 to December 25 last year after each episode aired on TV.

The drama was in the global TV ‘Top Ten’ category for non-English content on November 21 and held that position for six weeks.

Other streaming platforms also saw an increase in users due to the popularity of “Reborn Rich,” with MAU increasing by nearly 600,000 in one month and recording 4.89 million last month.

Disney+ MAU recorded 1.95 million, an increase of 240,000 in one month. This is the highest number of users since January last year.

In contrast, other on-demand video streaming services in South Korea that did not air “Reborn Rich” saw mostly stagnant user numbers last month.

Wavve’s MAU was at 4.08 million, down 110,000 a month, while What Have You was used by 810,000 people, down 5,000 from the previous month.

“Reborn Rich” tells the story of a secretary who returns as the youngest son of a conglomerate family and lives a ‘second life’ against the backdrop of the 1980s and 1990s.

The drama depicts economic situations at home and abroad, such as the 1997 Asian financial crisis and the dot-com bubble.

Parallel to the popularity of this drama, webtoons, and web novels have also increased in South Korea.