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Kakao Enterprise's AI Contact Center Revolutionizes Financial Customer Service.

Source: Kakao Enterprise

Kakao Enterprise has announced that its AI contact center, Kakao i Connect Center, will be used by Kyobo Life Insurance to accelerate digital transformation in the financial sector.

The artificial intelligence contact center combines core AI technologies such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, and natural language understanding with customer center expertise to drive 24/7 customer support and improve work efficiency.

With this implementation, Kakao Enterprise aims to improve the insurance underwriting process and ensure financial customer protection with its AI voice bot that responds appropriately to customer queries.

The AI voice robot is responsible for various customer service tasks, including comprehensively monitoring sales, reading standard quote scripts, and notifying customers that they are two to three months behind on their payments.

Kakao i Connect Center technology can solve difficulties encountered in three-way conversations with agents and customers, for example, by having the voice bot read standard terms while agents monitor the conversation.

Customers can get help without being put on hold through this AI contact center, while customer service representatives can focus on more complex advisory tasks.

The partnership between Kakao Enterprise and Kyobo Life has also produced an AI system to monitor call quality and text analytics to prevent incomplete sales of insurance products.

The system analyzes the content of calls for direct policies and ensures that customers receive the essential information correctly and without omissions or forbidden words.

Kakao Enterprise continues to drive the development of AI contact centers to meet customers' digital transformation challenges and promote AI technology.

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