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Kakao Entertainment: Innovating Genres for Millennial & Gen Z Audiences

Source: Kakao Entertainment 

Seoul, South Korea - From the bustling streets of Seoul comes a wave of creative innovation that is capturing the hearts and minds of audiences worldwide.

Kakao Entertainment is setting the stage for a new era of entertainment that uniquely blends humor, horror, reality, and romance.

Their new offerings aren't just shows but fresh experiences that resonate with Millennials and Gen Zs.


  • Genre: Comedy-Horror-Reality Series.
  • Direction: Park Jin-Kyung and Moon Sang-Don, known for popular Korean shows.
  • Ranking: Entered Netflix's top 10 in 36 countries, debuting at #1 in Singapore, the Philippines, and Malaysia within two days of release.

PLAYou level up:

  • Format: Interactive show featuring comedian Yoo Jae-Seok.
  • Collaboration: Incorporates the universe of the blockbuster webtoon Solo Leveling.
  • Live episodes: Attract large audiences with active fan participation.

Love Alarm Clap! Clap your hands! Clap your hands!

  • Adaptation: From the hit webtoon Love Alarm, viewed over 5 billion times worldwide.
  • Concept: Survival romance with eight cast members competing for "likes.

Kakao Entertainment's strategy:

What sets Kakao Entertainment apart is its deep understanding of its audience.  

Their strategy leverages various differentiated content, allowing creators within their studios to take risks and break conventions.

This innovative approach to content, coupled with a willingness to explore new entertainment genres and dynamic narrative frameworks, is a testament to Kakao's ability to engage the Millennial and Gen-Z generations.