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Kakao Healthcare announces expansion plans for 2023.

Source: Kakao

Kakao Healthcare has announced its plans to expand its business by launching digital healthcare services that leverage big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and mobile technologies.

The company aims to address the essential unmet needs of users and partners based on its core value of “being a companion, friend, and assistant for everyone who uses healthcare.”

It plans to fulfill its mission of “making people healthy with technology” and contribute to improving people’s health.

Kakao Healthcare has been reorganizing its business objectives, segmenting them, and signing agreements with related organizations to provide customized services for each customer, including users, hospitals, and corporations.

The company has passed ISO27001 and ISO27799 certification audits and is applying for patents related to technology and business models.

The company plans to launch a blood glucose management service using CGM and smartphones in the third quarter.

The service will help users conveniently manage their blood glucose levels while proactively correcting their lifestyle and preventing related diseases.

In addition, the company plans to build a data lake to provide solutions and platforms that can conveniently utilize artificial intelligence and large-scale machine learning.

Kakao Healthcare is working with the Kakao Conglomerate and hospitals to develop a service that allows users to conveniently book and use hospitals in KakaoTalk, thereby improving access to healthcare.

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