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Kakao Mobility Partners with Seoul for Auto EV Charging

Source: Kakao Mobility

Seoul, South Korea - Kakao Mobility, in collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, has introduced an automatic electric vehicle charging service called 'Auto Charging' into its Kakao Navi app. 

The service employs PnC (Plug and Charge) technology, enabling users to plug in the charging connector to initiate the authentication, charging automatically, and payment processes. 

The cooperation between Kakao Mobility and the Seoul Metropolitan Government is intended to enhance the convenience of charging electric vehicles. 

Users can access the Auto Charging service at charging stations operated by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and Seoul Energy Corporation that support the service. 

Kakao Mobility plans to improve user convenience by adding a search function for charging stations offering the Auto Charging service within the Kakao Navi app. 

Additionally, through collaboration with the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Kakao Mobility intends to introduce an automatic parking fee discount feature linked to its Kakao T Charging Pass at public parking lots in Seoul. 

This initiative represents a further step in Kakao Mobility's strategy to expand its presence in the electric vehicle charging market following the launch of its 'Kakao T Charging Pass last September. 

The company's objective is to continue increasing the number of sites where its charging services are available, providing differentiated charging experiences through features such as camera-based automatic authentication, real-time monitoring of charging station occupancy, and automatic parking fee discounts.

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