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Kakao Webtoon Thailand Showcases Korean Comics at Bangkok's K-Expo

Source: Kakao Entertainment

Bangkok, Thailand - Kakao Webtoon Thailand exhibited at K-Expo Thailand 2023 in Bangkok on November 11-12, an event organized to promote Korean pop culture worldwide.

Why It Matters: 

Kakao Webtoon Thailand's participation in K-Expo Thailand 2023, held in Bangkok on November 11-12, illustrates the company's influence in promoting Korean webtoons worldwide. 

This event, which attracted over 25,000 visitors, is significant in demonstrating the role of webtoons in the broader Hallyu (Korean Wave) movement and Kakao's strategy of integrating local narratives with global intellectual property (IP).

The Key Points

  • Kakao Webtoon Thailand, part of Kakao Entertainment, showcased its portfolio at K-Expo Thailand 2023 to highlight the global appeal of Korean webtoons.
  • The event featured an interactive photo zone with popular Kakao Webtoon characters, which attracted great attention. Notable titles included "Necromancer Academy and the Genius Summoner" and "MAVE: Another World.
  • Local adaptations such as "Love Destiny" and "How to Make Phra Aphai Fall in Love" demonstrated Kakao's strategy of combining local stories with webtoon formats.
  • Kakao Webtoon Thailand was the sole webtoon sponsor at Thailand Comic Con 2022, highlighting its role in promoting Korean webtoons in Southeast Asia.

What They Say:

 "K-Expo Thailand highlighted the eagerness of Thai fans for Kakao Entertainment's extensive webtoon library," said Hyun Yang-won, managing director of Kakao Webtoon Thailand.

He added that the company remains "committed to further expanding the world of webtoons for this dynamic community" in Thailand through Kakao's top IPs and locally developed webtoons.

What Comes Next: 

By sponsoring cultural events like Thailand Comic Con 2022 and showcasing titles internationally, Kakao Webtoon Thailand aims to grow the Korean webtoon industry globally.

The Big Picture

As Korean pop culture spreads throughout Asia, webtoons have become essential for extending the Korean Wave and influencing regional media landscapes.

Kakao Webtoon Thailand's interactive showcase booth at K-Expo Thailand 2023 in Bangkok attracted much attention. 

The backdrops featured popular Kakao Entertainment webtoon IPs such as:

  • "Necromancer Academy and the Genius Summoner": Gathered over 1 million Thai readers shortly after launch.
  • "MAVE: Another World": Integrates the universe of K-pop virtual idol group MAVE:

The company also exhibited local Thai webtoon adaptations, including

  • "Love Destiny": Webtoon remake of a famous novel aired as a Thai TV drama.
  • "How to Make Phra Aphai Fall in Love: Based on the works of the seminal Thai poet Sunthorn Phu.

On the opening day, Kakao Friends merchandise and coupons were distributed to attendees, and a new Thai drama adaptation was launched at the booth.