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KakaoTalk update improves search and eCommerce capabilities.

Source: Kakao Corp

Kakao Corp(KRX: 035720), the South Korean multinational company behind the popular messaging app KakaoTalk, has announced a significant app update to boost its search capabilities and user convenience.

The update rolled out in version 10.0.5, adds integrated message search and shopping search functions to the existing KakaoTalk search feature, allowing users to search for friends, chat rooms, and channels within the app. 

Before this update, messages could only be searched within individual chat rooms. 

Still, now, users can enter a search term, and the corresponding message will be displayed in all chat rooms, with the option to apply period, friend, and chat room filters to the results.

In addition to the improved message search, the update also includes a shopping search feature that provides users with the ability to search for products available across a range of different services, such as Kakao Talk Gift, Kakao Makers, Kakao Friends, and Kakao Shopping Live, by category, price range, or recommendation order.

Kakao has also improved the usability of the ‘reservation message’ feature, which was first introduced to KakaoTalk in May 2020. Previously, the feature was distinguishable by a Jordi icon and was subject to certain restrictions. 

Still, with this update, the Jordi icon has been removed, making it possible for users to use the feature in the same way as an existing message. 

Furthermore, the feature will now be available to all users, regardless of whether or not they have installed the latest version of the app.

The company also added a function that provides alternative text for Kakao emoticons to help visually impaired users understand the meaning and purpose of the emoticons and to be read aloud by assistive technology. 

The update also includes speech bubble translation supported only for iOS users via the laboratory.

In a statement, Kakao said it is “considering various ways to improve the convenience of KakaoTalk users and is working hard to introduce more advanced services.” 

The update comes as Kakao focuses on expanding its reach and services beyond its home market of South Korea and as messaging apps become increasingly important in the e-commerce and digital payments space.