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KT Corp, Jasmine Group Partner for Thai-Specific AI-Language Model

Seoul, South Korea - The strategic alliance between KT (NYSE: KT) and Thailand's Jasmine Group aims to develop a Large Language Model (LLM) specifically for Thai language applications. 

Why it matters:

The initiative is positioned to address the linguistic limitations of existing AI models. 

Current models, such as GPT-3, are heavily weighted toward English, which accounts for 92.6% of the language data. 

In contrast, Thai and Korean languages account for a minuscule 0.013% and 0.016%, respectively.

The move taps into a Southeast Asian generative AI market projected to be worth $7.6 billion by 2030.

The Key Points.

  • The partnership follows a memorandum of understanding signed between KT Corp and Jasmine Technology Solution (JTS), a subsidiary of Jasmine Group.
  • KT Corp will utilize its "Mi:dm" artificial intelligence service, while Jasmine Group will focus on market analysis and model development through a newly constructed graphics processing unit (GPU) farm.
  • Both companies will pool resources for this Thai-specific LLM, which is expected to be launched in the second half of next year. 
  • According to market forecasts, spending on AI solutions in Southeast Asia is expected to jump from $174 million in 2022 to $646 million in 2026.

What they say:

Pete Bodharamik, CEO of Jasmine Group, and Kim Young-Seop, CEO of KT Corp, said the partnership aims to strengthen both companies' positions in the Southeast Asian AI sector. 

Bodharamik points out that the collaboration marks a critical step for his company in leading Thailand's AI industry. 

Kim agrees, noting that the partnership will strengthen KT Corp.'s market presence in Southeast Asia.

What's next

A Thai-specific LLM is planned for release in the second half of next year, with expansion into Laos and Cambodia to follow. 

Both companies will work together to address AI regulatory challenges across Southeast Asia.

The partnership is a technological venture and a strategic move for both companies in an expanding market. It also underscores the trend toward linguistic diversity and AI sovereignty. 

Both companies will continue to work on the regulatory landscape, with an official launch of KT Corp's "Mi:dm" scheduled for later this month.