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KT Group unveils AI-driven media strategy, global push

Source: KT Corp

SEOUL, South Korea — KT Group has announced plans to leverage its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to drive innovation across its media businesses and expand the reach of South Korean content globally. 

The telecommunications company aims to accelerate its strategy to become one focused on AI and information and communication technology (ICT). 

KT has introduced AI-powered services that span the entire media value chain, from content investment and production to marketing and quality control. 

The company has developed an AI model to predict the success of drama series, guiding investment decisions in original content. 

Additionally, AI enhances video quality, designs movie posters, generates marketing copy, and monitors broadcast quality. 

The group's media subsidiaries, which include content creators, platforms, and distributors, have a combined subscriber base of 13 million households. 

In 2023, the group's content revenue grew by 26% year-on-year, reaching KRW 640 billion ($465 million). 

The media arms of KT, namely skyTV and KT StudioGenie, will spearhead the production of original entertainment shows and dramas, respectively. 

KT StudioGenie, in particular, is seeking to capitalize on the global popularity of Korean content by adapting its intellectual property for overseas markets. 

The studio has already negotiated remake agreements for its successful series in Taiwan and Germany and is currently engaged in discussions with producers in Japan and Mongolia.

The company plans to invest in 12 new entertainment programs and 14 original drama series in 2024, focusing on expanding its global intellectual property (IP) through remakes and adaptations.