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KT, Microsoft Partner for AI, Cloud, and IT in South Korea

Source: KT

SEOUL, South Korea / Redmond, WA—KT Corp (NYSE: KT) has entered into a collaborative partnership with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) to jointly develop artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and information technology (IT) projects.

The agreement, signed at Microsoft's Redmond headquarters, aims to drive digital innovation in South Korea through joint research and development, the provision of tailored artificial intelligence and cloud services, the establishment of an Innovation Center, and the cultivation of talent.

By September, KT and Microsoft will provide further details of their extensive collaboration, focusing on developing "Sovereign Cloud" and "Sovereign AI" solutions for enhanced data security and AI autonomy in the public and financial sectors. 

KT aspires to become a market leader in Korea by leveraging Microsoft's technologies.

This partnership represents a pivotal moment in KT's evolution, transitioning from a technical collaboration to a strategic alliance with Microsoft. 

The companies' objectives are to respond rapidly to market changes and set a new standard for digital innovation in South Korea.