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KT SafeMate Revolutionizes Public Restroom Safety, Strengthening National Crime Prevention Efforts

Photo by Anja Bauermann / Unsplash

KT (NYSE: KT) has introduced its innovative SafeMate crime prevention solution in public toilets to improve safety and reduce violent crime.

Per Article 7 of the Public Restroom Act, emergency bells will be mandatory from July, prompting local governments to consider platforms such as KT SafeMate.

KT has been a public restroom crime prevention leader since 2016, deploying its solution in more than 6,000 restrooms across 210 public facilities.

The AI-powered SafeMate allows users to call for help via emergency bells or verbal distress calls, ensuring a quick response from police or on-site staff.

KT SafeMate, which won the Grand Prize for Corporate Social Contribution in 2016, optimizes crime prevention.

The company is responsible for installing and maintaining waterproof and dustproof terminals to prevent malfunctions.

KT also operates a 24/7 integrated control center in Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do, for real-time monitoring and customer support.

In cooperation with the National Police Agency, KT addresses potential security gaps caused by malfunctions, breakdowns, and pranks.

In addition to SafeMate, KT offers various Safety DX solutions, such as fire prevention in traditional markets and accident prevention at industrial sites, reinforcing its commitment to creating a safer living environment.

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