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LG AlphaWare: Driving the Transition to Software-Defined Vehicles

Source: LG Electronics

Detroit, MI - At the AutoTech conference in Detroit, LG Electronics unveiled its new LG AlphaWare software suite.

The suite has been designed to facilitate the transition to software-defined vehicles (SDVs).

LG's strategy is to transform SDVs into "living spaces on wheels" by providing a home-like experience through its software. 

The company aims to capitalize on the significant shift occurring within the automotive ecosystem, which encompasses vehicle manufacturing, usage, and ownership alterations.

AlphaWare is comprised of five principal software solutions: 

The suite consists of the following software solutions; 

PlayWare is for in-vehicle infotainment, MetaWare is for augmented reality navigation, VisionWare is for AI-powered driver assistance, BaseWare is a software backbone, and OpsWare is for secure software development operations.

The introduction of AlphaWare reinforces LG's commitment to expanding its presence in the mobility sector and its ongoing transformation into a Smart Life Solutions company. 

LG views SDVs as a pivotal opportunity to facilitate safer and more enjoyable vehicle experiences.