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LG Display Recognized for OLED and Stretchable Display Research

Source: LG Display

Why it matters: LG Display has been recognized by the Society for Information Display (SID) for its research in ultra-large OLED and stretchable displays.

These advancements indicate significant progress in the development of innovative display technologies.

Key points:

  • Two of LG Display's research papers were recognized as Distinguished Papers by SID.

  • The first research, led by Dr. Hong-jae Shin, presents the technologies that enable ultra-large OLED displays of more than 80 inches.

  • The company was also recognized for its second paper on high-resolution active-matrix micro-LED stretchable displays. This technology enables displays that can be stretched, folded, and rotated.

  • At SID 2023, LG Display will showcase its third-generation OLED TV panel technology, known as "META technology." These panels will feature industry-leading brightness and improved energy efficiency.

The Big Picture: LG Display's recognition by SID signifies its position at the forefront of display technology innovation.

The company's ongoing research and advancements in OLED and stretchable displays contribute to the diversification and evolution of the display technology sector.

Furthermore, with the introduction of "META technology" at the upcoming SID 2023, LG Display continues to provide high-quality, energy-efficient solutions for the industry's ever-evolving needs.