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LG Targets Sustainability with New Appliances at IFA 2023

Source: LG Electronics

Seoul, South Korea - LG Electronics showcases a range of A-rated energy-efficient home appliances at IFA 2023 in Berlin.

Why it matters

Energy-efficient and sustainable products increasingly drive the global home appliance market.

As energy efficiency becomes an increasingly important factor in consumer decisions, LG's initiatives also indicate an attempt to take the lead in the growing sector of eco-conscious home appliances.

The Key Points

  • According to EU regulations, LG's new washer has an A-40% energy rating and uses 91 kWh per 100 cycles.
  • The accompanying dryer has an energy rating of A+++-20% and uses 116 kWh annually.
  • The new bottom-freezer refrigerator has an energy rating of A-20%.
  • LG's InstaView oven and QuadWash dishwasher also receive high energy efficiency ratings of A++ and A-10%, respectively.

The Big Picture

LG Electronics is tapping into this trend with a range of A-rated and above energy-efficient appliances on display at the ongoing IFA 2023 in Berlin.

These include laundry solutions, refrigerators, cooking, and dishwashing appliances.

Each product is designed with specific energy ratings and features to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

In the laundry category, LG's front-load washer and dryer will be launched with energy efficiency in mind.

The washer has an A-40% rating, with an energy consumption of 91 kWh for 100 cycles.

According to LG's internal tests, additional features such as AI Wash aim to extend fabric life by 10%.

The washer also claims to reduce microplastic emissions by 60% during wash cycles.

The accompanying dryer is rated A+++-20% for energy consumption, using 116 kWh per year.

It also uses R290 refrigerant with a low global warming potential (GWP).

In the kitchen, LG's bottom-freezer refrigerator has an A-20% energy rating and a Smart Inverter compressor backed by a 10-year warranty.

ACCORDING TO IEC STANDARDS, the LG InstaView oven has an A++ energy rating and uses 0.51 kWh per cycle in fan-assisted convection mode.

The LG QuadWash dishwasher, which is Wi-Fi enabled, achieves an A-10% energy rating.