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LG Transitions to Smart Life Solutions Company at CES 2024

Source: LG Electronics

Las Vegas, Nevada - LG Electronics held the LG World Premiere press conference at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center during CES 2024. 

Led by CEO William Cho, the event marked LG's transition to a smart life solutions company. 

The company is now focused on the mobility, commercial, and virtual sectors, guided by a 3C2S strategy that includes care, connectivity, customization, servitization, and sustainability.


Revising its AI strategy: LG is reinterpreting AI as "Affectionate Intelligence," which aims to provide empathetic and attentive customer experiences through practical AI applications.

Leveraging data in AI: LG's AI approach leverages data from an estimated 500 to 700 million LG products worldwide. This includes information from AI-enabled smart devices that analyze users' physical and emotional states. This method aims to provide more comprehensive lifestyle solutions than traditional Internet-based data.

The LG AI Brain Functionality: The LG AI Brain is a core component of LG's AI strategy and acts as a sophisticated processing unit. It uses large language models to predict customer needs, use advanced reasoning, and manage device operations to enhance smart services and user experiences.

Commitment to ethical AI: LG prioritizes ethical considerations in AI implementation. The strategy includes the LG Shield data security system to protect personal information and ensure responsible AI application.

What else: Smart home and mobility

LG is expanding its scope to include smart home and mobility solutions. 

Vice President Jung Ki-hyun introduced LG's AI-based smart home concept, which incorporates "Affectionate Intelligence" into its ThinQ platform with "ChatThinQ" and "3D Home View". 

In the mobility sector, President Eun Seok-Hyun introduced LG AlphaWare, a software suite for software-defined vehicles that focuses on software development, in-cabin entertainment, and AR/MR interfaces.