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LG Unveils AI Digital Displays at InfoComm 2024

Source: LG Electronics

LAS VEGAS, NV - LG Electronics is exhibiting its latest AI-enhanced digital display solutions for various B2B environments at InfoComm 2024, North America's largest professional audiovisual tradeshow. 

The centerpiece of LG's exhibit is a next-generation Micro LED display, unveiled to the public for the first time. 

The display, scheduled for release by the end of the year, employs AI technology to enhance picture quality and overall performance.

LG's Micro LED display employs many tiny LED chips to deliver high contrast, bold colors, and exceptional detail. 

The company's AI technology facilitates the production and precise evaluation of the chips, with 25 million integrated into the 136-inch model. 

Moreover, the display employs LG's AI processor to analyze the brightness and tone of the LED chips in real-time, automatically calibrating them for optimal picture quality.

The company is showcasing its security system, LG Shield, which safeguards central servers, applications, and operating systems from cyber threats. 

The system has been awarded numerous international security certifications.

The LG booth features a range of display solutions tailored to corporate environments, including the LG MAGNIT, which has been enhanced with a 144Hz variable refresh rate (VRR) for the delivery of high-quality video content without the occurrence of screen tearing or stuttering.

Furthermore company presents solutions for the digitalized retail environment, including digital menu boards and standing displays designed for drive-through restaurants and stores. 

These solutions offer optimal visibility and enhanced durability in outdoor settings.