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LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN Enhance User Search Experience

Source: Yahoo! Japan

Why it matters: The collaboration between LINE Corporation and Yahoo! JAPAN Corporation will transition the web search function from "LINE Search" to "Yahoo! Search" from June 2023.

This move could improve the user experience and maximize the synergy of the group.

The Key Points

  • LINE's search function, established in 2018 and rebranded as "LINE Search" in 2019, has been a core feature of the LINE app. This function allows users to search for a variety of content, as well as conduct web searches.
  • Yahoo! Japan's "Search" has been an essential service for Japanese users, providing meaningful and easily accessible information.
  • The enhanced collaboration aims to provide a more user-friendly environment with high-quality search results.
  • The collaboration aims to provide a unique search experience designed specifically for Japan. Users can conduct web searches via Yahoo! search within the LINE app, accessing a wealth of information by typing in specific keywords.

The Big Picture: This alliance represents a significant step forward in enhancing the user experience.

The ability to search for content within the LINE application will remain.

The new "Yahoo! search feature will be available in LINE version 13.9.0 and later versions, subject to Yahoo! terms of service.