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LINE NEXT Announces Five New Web3 Games for GAME DOSI

Source: LINE Next

LINE NEXT Inc., a LINE company focused on expanding the NFT ecosystem, announced five new titles for its Web3 gaming platform, GAME DOSI.

These games are expected to be released in the second half of 2023.

GAME DOSI is a platform that facilitates the ownership and trading of digital goods, promoting the "Gamer First, Web3 Next" ethos.

The new titles include Sweet Monster Guardians, a defense game; V.L.O (Vestria the Last Order), a role-playing game; KEROZ, a roguelike game; Drawshop Kingdom Reverse, a blockchain-based game where users can earn NFTs; and Project GD, an in-house game whose details have yet to be announced.

As part of this announcement, GAME DOSI has also launched community pages on Discord and Twitter where users can interact with each other.

To celebrate the launch, the platform hosts an event where users who complete specific missions will be rewarded with NFTs from the upcoming Project GD.

Additional NFTs will be given away based on the number of GAME DOSI sign-ups on Discord.

The official launch of GAME DOSI is scheduled for May 18th, and memberships will be available for purchase.

These memberships will be offered in Gold and Platinum tiers and include early game access, among other benefits.

This move by LINE NEXT represents a step forward in integrating NFTs and blockchain technology into mainstream gaming.

The focus on user ownership of items and free trading of NFTs opens up new avenues for players to monetize their in-game efforts, adding a new layer of engagement to the gaming community.