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LYC Advances Integration: Connecting LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN

Source: LY Corporation

Tokyo, Japan - On October 4, 2023, LY Corporation (LYC), the merged entity of LINE Corporation and Yahoo Japan Corporation, will begin connecting LINE and Yahoo! accounts.

This move will be optional for users and is part of LYC's broader strategy to integrate and optimize its services.

The Key Points

Company Operations: LYC will officially begin operations on October 1, 2023. The planned connection between LINE and Yahoo! will continue their integration efforts.

Service integration: This connection will allow users to consolidate information across both platforms. For example, users can share Yahoo! calendar events with LINE contacts.

Financial aspects: Users can earn 5% PayPay points for PayPay transactions on Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping. This feature is expected to launch in December 2023.

Data and Privacy: LYC has clarified that data from linked accounts will be subject to its privacy policy. Although this data may be used to improve the service and provide targeted advertising, users can unlink their accounts anytime.

In-depth analysis:

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) provides insight into customer satisfaction in various industries.

LYC's ranking on this index will measure its standing in the marketplace.

As part of the integration, Yahoo! JAPAN Premium members, renamed LYP Premium by the end of November, will have access to a wide range of LINE stickers.

They will also be able to use certain features of the LINE app starting November 29, 2023.

LYC's "Basic Policy on Data Protection" outlines the company's stance on data handling and emphasizes its intention to prioritize user benefits.