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Weverse by the Numbers: 2020's Top Trends and Content

Source: Weverse

Weverse has unveiled the year 2020 trending topics from BTS to BANG BANG CON.

With 17 million application downloads as of 20th December 2020, Weverse is becoming a global fandom platform. With users in over 233 countries, the community is now 19.2 million strong, with 117 million (and counting) posts on the platform.

Thirteen artists are now communicating with their fans, including BTS, GFRIENDTXT, SEVENTEEN, P1Harmony, Dreamcatcher, SUNMI, NU’EST, CL, Weeekly, and Gracie Abrams. 

1. 2020 Weverse fandom trend

The “2020 Weverse fandom trend” includes the year’s most popular hashtags, the days with the most visitors, and fandom keywords on the global community platform.

ZERO CONTACT has become the norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we can see that fan engagement has turned to a new approach through the patterns of global fandom activities. 

As Weverse minimized the gap between the artists, fans, and fandom communication in a non-contact era, we truly hope that it can provide services that support offline fan activities next year. Weverse Press Release.

2. Most Beloved Hashtag in 2020

#TO_BTS: Letters by fans in response to the group’s #Dear_Army campaign with 1.5 million hashtags

#TAEHYUNGSIGNATURECONTEST(#태형싸인만들기콘테스트): A contest proposed by BTS V to fans gathered 531 thousand posts.

#BangBangCon and #BangBangConTheLive: A record-breaking concert online due to the COVID-19 pandemic with 262 thousand posts.

#ENHYPEN_Challenge: ENHYPEN’s debut from BELIFT LAB’S I-LAND comes in 4th place with 254 thousand posts.

#SVT_SnapShoot: SEVENTEEN’s fans shared 133 thousands of posts with photos of the group.

3. Most Platform Access Records in 2020.

The most significant number of daily visitors for the Weverse recorded when BTS topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart with “Dynamite.”

The live broadcast of the I-Land Finale on 18th September came in at second. When BTS was nominated for the 63rd Grammy Awards on 25th November, it came as third, according to the Weverse.

4. The COVID-19 Pandemic and Weverse.

#Virtual_Concert and #Virtial_Communication became a primary trend during the COVID-19 pandemic era.

Aside from BTS’ record-breaking MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E concert, roughly 334 thousand combined posts were generated from the online events and concerts of GFRIEND, SEVENTEEN, and NU’EST.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s community had over 40 thousand posts, with artists and fans sharing photos with #OURSKY_byMOA. Fans and artists alike checked in on each other frequently and sent messages of hope with 100,000 posts of #StayStrong_Army and 25 thousand reminders to keep safe with the #StayAtHomeChallenge.

5. Weverse Original Content

Weverse provides its original content from and by its member artists. This year, 147 types of original video content were provided.

In 2020, the most-viewed Weverse content included BTS’ ‘BTS In the Soop,’ TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s ‘T: Time,’ ENHYPEN’s ‘I-LAND Video,’ SEVENTEEN’s ‘GOING SEVENTEEN,’ GFRIEND’s ‘MEMORIA,’ SUNMI’s ‘Miya-IND,’ HENRY’s ‘Henry’s Carpool,’ and P1Harmony’s ‘CHOREOGRAPHY.’

Weverse is a new business by Bighit Entertainment – a BTS label. We wrote a story on the Weverse platform last September.

Starting in June 2019, Weverse is now another Big Hit Entertainment revenue generation.

Unlike the other entertainment companies in South Korea, the independent platform from global social media, Big Hit can drive and expand its business to commerce or other features such as online concerts for its fans.

The recurring revenue proves it. The income from online channels increased from KRW 3.1B (US$ 2.6M) in 2019 to KRW 16.6B (US$ 14M) in the first half of 2020.