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Naver and Socar Form AI-Centric Mobility Partnership

Source: Naver, Socar

Naver and Socar sign an AI mobility agreement.

Why it matters: Naver, a digital technology company, and Socar, a mobility platform, have formed a business partnership focused on artificial intelligence (AI) in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do.

The Key Points

  • The partnership aims to integrate Naver's upcoming AI model, HYPERCLOVAX, with Socar's data to improve AI customer response systems.

  • The design of HYPERCLOVA X allows for integration with specific customer data, enabling the creation of AI products for specific services or sectors.

  • Naver's AI and cloud tools will help Socar develop a stable IT infrastructure. Naver's cloud AI will improve Socar's customer service operations.

  • In addition to technological integration, there will be service linkages. For example, after booking a KTX ticket on Naver Maps, users can also reserve a Socar car-sharing service. Reservations for "Everyone's Parking" will also be available through Naver Maps.

The Big Picture: The collaboration between Naver and Socar highlights the growing role of AI in mobility.

This partnership reflects an evolving trend in the mobility industry, focusing on leveraging technology to improve the user experience.