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Naver Cloud and StarHub partner to drive digital transformation in Southeast Asia.

Source: Starhub

South Korean company Naver Cloud has partnered with Singapore-based telecommunications company StarHub to drive digital transformation in the telecommunications industry in Southeast Asia.

The companies plan to offer 5G network services based on edge cloud computing and jointly develop ultra-low latency cloud services under StarHub’s Cloud Infinity program.

Naver Cloud will combine its private 5G building experience and technology in the new Naver building ‘1784’ with Singapore’s public 5G to support customers running 5G core solutions and various workloads on cloud-optimized container platforms.

The partnership will also establish a collaborative system to strengthen global competitiveness, starting with Southeast Asia, by signing a cloud management services partnership (MSP) and applying cloud technologies to various enterprises.

Cloud-based telecom technology is becoming an essential foundation for telecom companies’ digital innovation.

Telecom companies can use the cloud to respond quickly to change and manage resources efficiently.

By extending NAVER Cloud’s infrastructure and services to the edge and customers’ data centers, the partnership aims to help customers achieve digital transformation in telecommunications.

The partnership is an important step in expanding the cloud ecosystem in Southeast Asia.

Combining cloud services and telecom technologies will help develop new customer value.

This is a strategic move by the two companies to realize digital transformation in the telecom sector in Southeast Asia and strengthen their global competitiveness.

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