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Naver Cloud, Converge to expand cloud services in the Philippines

Source: Naver Cloud

Seoul, South Korea / Manila, Philippines - South Korea's Naver Cloud has entered a memorandum of understanding with Philippine internet service provider Converge ICT Solutions. 

This agreement aims to expand cloud services in the Philippine market and jointly promote digital transformation using Naver's artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, and smart city technologies.

The agreement, which senior executives from both companies signed, designates Converge as Naver Cloud's principal managed service provider (MSP) partner in the Philippines. 

Converge will utilize Naver Cloud's Singaporean region to expand its cloud and digital transformation services for Philippine customers.

Moreover, the companies intend to leverage Naver's diverse technological resources to facilitate digital innovation in the Philippines. 

Naver Cloud's "sovereign" strategy, which involves providing AI systems based on HyperCLOVA X and protecting customer data sovereignty by securely storing data in its own cloud, represents a potential area of collaboration.

Moreover, Naver's smart city technologies, which have been recognized through its digital twin construction collaboration in Saudi Arabia, along with its business collaboration tool, "NAVER WORKS," and web browser, "NAVER Whale," will be employed to support the Philippines' digital innovation endeavors.