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Naver Cloud and Intel Collaborate on 'Gaudi' AI Chip Research

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea - Naver Cloud has announced a collaboration with Intel to build a new AI chip software ecosystem based on Intel's "Gaudi" accelerator

The partnership, unveiled during Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger's keynote address at the Intel Vision 2024 event in Phoenix, aims to support AI research among domestic startups and universities.

As part of the initiative, the two companies will provide IT infrastructure based on Intel's "Gaudi" AI accelerator chip to enable the development of various software and research projects. 

The new AI Joint Research Center (NICL) brings together more than 20 research labs and startups from institutions such as KAIST, Seoul National University, and POSTECH.

Naver Cloud emphasized that the joint research approach was proposed to Intel in response to the current challenging AI resource environment faced by domestic startups and schools due to the high cost of purchasing AI chips. 

Through the collaboration, Intel aims to showcase "Gaudi's" capabilities and build an AI ecosystem that includes both software and hardware components. 

Meanwhile, Naver Cloud intends to spearhead research efforts and expand its AI ecosystem, which is built around its "HyperCLOVA X" platform.

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