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Naver D2SF invests in Cloa and DeSilo at the seed stage.

Source: Naver D2 Startup Factory

Naver D2Startup Factory, the early-stage start-up investment subsidiary of South Korean internet giant Naver, has invested in two start-ups at the seed stage.

Still, the amount of the investments has yet to be made public.

Source: Naver D2 Startup Factory

Cloa and DeSilo, founded in February, were the funding recipients.

Cloa specializes in developing a data pipeline tool for real-time mass data processing, while DeSilo is creating a machine-learning solution using homomorphic encryption technology.

Homomorphic encryption allows processing on the same level as the encrypted data, thus solving privacy and data silo issues quickly.

BonAngels participated as a co-investor.

This marks the 51st investment by Naver D2Startup Factory, which focuses on the back-end’s core technology.

Previously, most of its assets were invested in start-ups, accelerating and innovating the business.

Naver tends to invest in high-technology sectors such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, and big data and is investing in start-ups based in South Korea to fill market gaps.

The firm’s investment requirements are technology, synergy with Naver, and being in a market, even if the market does not yet exist.

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