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Naver Financial Unveils Naver Pay Claims to Streamline Insurance Process

Source: Naver Financial

Naver Financial has launched a new service, Naver Pay Claims, designed to streamline the insurance claims process for customers.

The service allows users to identify the benefits they are entitled to under their insurance policies and submit claims more efficiently.

In an industry-first, Naver Pay Claims allows customers with multiple insurers to submit a claim to all selected insurers simultaneously, eliminating the need to enter claim information for each insurer separately.

The service currently supports 39 insurers, covering the majority of carriers in Korea.

Naver Pay Claims also works with MyData to provide personalized services, ensuring that customers receive even small insurance payments without missing out.

For example, users registered with “Naver Pay My Asset,” an asset management service based on MyData, can easily access the claimable coverage information of their insurance policies, select the account to receive the claim, and receive notifications based on their card payment history at hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies.

The service provides two claim options: Photo Claim and Documents Claim.

Photo Claim allows users to submit a claim by photographing documents issued after visiting a medical facility.

In contrast, Documents Claim allows customers to select the medical facilities they have seen, view treatment and dispensing details, and submit a claim without submitting paper documents.

Naver Pay Claims currently supports more than 4,000 medical facilities nationwide, the most significant number for an insurance claims service, with plans to expand further.

Yena Cho, Insurance Leader at Naver Financial, said the claims service aims to eliminate minor inconveniences in the insurance claims process and make it easier for users to receive insurance benefits.

Naver Financial will continue to expand its insurance-related services, including working with insurance companies to develop the categories of insurance that can be easily claimed.

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