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Naver Launches Game Streaming Platform 'chzzk' After Beta

Source: Naver Corp

SEOUL, South Korea—Naver Corporation (035420. KS) officially launched its game streaming platform, 'Chzzk,' on Tuesday after a four-month beta period. 

The company has indicated that it plans to implement new features and technologies on the platform in the coming months.

Chzzk incorporated user feedback during the beta phase to enhance its usability and stability. 

The new features include aggregating Twitch subscription periods, tag functionality, and a section for new streamers. 

Moreover, the operational policies were also revised to enhance the streaming environment.

With the official launch, Naver aims to provide a stable service and increase user engagement. 

The latest update introduces two new features: Mission Sponsorship and Chzzk Clips. These functions permit users to edit and share streaming videos.

Plans include integrating Chzzk with other Naver services and introducing a streamer voice sponsorship feature utilizing Naver's AI Voice technology. 

Moreover, Naver aims to extend the reach of chzzk-created short-form content to a broader audience through its app.