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Naver Syncs PC and Mobile UX in Major Website Redesign

Source: Naver

Naver (KRX: 035420) has announced significantly redesigning its PC website to mirror its acclaimed mobile interface.

The new site will officially go live on May 17, but users have been able to preview the new look since 14:00 on May 10th.

The primary goal of the redesign is to provide a "seamless" user experience (UX) across all devices, including mobile and PC, achieved through synchronization based on a user's ID.

Fundamental changes include a unified search bar design and a unified top menu that provides features such as Shortcut, NaverPay, and Notifications and Benefits across devices.

Personalized services such as MY Services and MY Site are now accessible to users logged in on their mobile devices when using the PC platform.

A new "Widget Board" has also been introduced in the bottom right corner of the PC home page to provide easy access to five frequently used mobile services - Calendar, Notes, Papago, English Dictionary, and NOW.

These services will be available as small window widgets to facilitate efficient multitasking.

To enhance user privacy, calendars and notes containing sensitive information can be locked, restricting access to the owner.

Naver's redesign also includes various convenience features to accommodate user preferences and device environments.

The new website allows users to select their preferred font size and screen style and is optimized for different browser resolutions. A dark mode has been introduced to reduce eye strain and save power.

The new PC home page offers a broader range of daily information, including expanded weather updates, stock quotes, and news.

Logged-in users will also receive stock quotes for their favorite stocks. A new media editorial tab will allow users to access their subscribed media more quickly.

Naver has enhanced its shopping section to include shopping history, order delivery status, and product and benefit information.

Adding "One Deal" and "Shopping Live" tabs will allow users to experience various shopping services previously primarily available on mobile.

Lee Jae-hoo, Head of Naver App Service, expressed confidence that the reorganization will provide users with a consistent and efficient experience across devices.

He reiterated Naver's commitment to continuously strive to offer differentiated experiences and convenience to its users.