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Naver Unveils "Cue:" Generative AI Search for Enhanced User Experience

Source: Naver Corp

Seoul, South Korea- Naver (KRX: 035420) has launched its first generative AI-based search engine service - Cue.

Why it matters:

Among countries with a strong democracy, Naver is the only player in the market that has beaten Google's search engine in a given market.

As the company dominates one of the most tech-savvy countries, South Korea, the movement is focused on the global tech ecosystem.

The Key Points

Cue:" uses generative AI to decode complex queries and accurately capture the user's search intent. This dramatically improves the search experience.

  • Distinctive Features: Unlike traditional generative AI chatbots, "Cue:" delivers answers based on a structured and logical search process, allowing users to understand the reasoning behind the generated response.
  • Advanced Search Process: Using unique Multi-Step Reasoning" technology, Cue:" ensures reliable answers. Traditional keyword-based search methods often require repetitive queries to achieve the desired result. In contrast, Cue:" intelligently pulls information from various Naver services to generate a comprehensive answer.
  • Practical examples: If a user asks, "What are the best plants for a beginner to grow in a studio apartment, and how to care for them?" Cue:" dissects the question and organizes the search regarding plant characteristics, benefits, and care. The result is concise answers accompanied by relevant reference data.
  • User exploration features: The platform offers a "more" option that takes users to integrated search results and a "follow-up questions" quality to facilitate further discovery of related topics.
  • Diverse content integration: Cue integrates with various content types, including text, images, and video, as well as specialized content, such as film information and festival data, to enhance search results with rich visual components.

The Big Picture

Naver has launched a closed beta for 'Cue:' in the desktop environment to determine the stability of the service.

After improvements are made during this period, the service will be integrated into Naver's integrated search, strengthening the connection with other Naver services.

Naver continues prioritizing the values of "diversity" and "connection" in its search functions.

"As the only global platform with a vast service and content ecosystem, we aim to lead in the era of generative AI and enhance the value of connectivity through cutting-edge technology,"
Soo Yeon Choi, CEO of Naver.

By connecting to the broader Naver ecosystem that includes Shopping, Pay, and Place, 'Cue:' optimizes the user experience.

For example, searching for a pancake recipe will provide the recipe and link to Naver's grocery shopping for immediate purchase of ingredients.

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