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Naver's AI Cue Sheet Helper: A New Era for Live Commerce

Source: Naver 

Why It Matters: Naver's AI Cue Sheet Helper service, currently in beta testing, was launched as a tool for merchants in the fast-growing live commerce sector.

The AI technology, called HYPERCLOVA, aims to simplify and speed up the process of creating live show scripts for merchants.

Key points:

  • The AI Cue Sheet Helper is integrated into Naver Shopping's live management tool page.

  • The service uses AI to analyze product attributes, customer reviews, and other relevant product information to generate draft scripts for live shows. These drafts can be modified and personalized by merchants.

  • It is designed to alleviate small and mid-sized merchants' challenges when preparing for live sales sessions, potentially creating draft cue sheets in less than a minute.

  • In addition to AI Cue Sheet Helper, Naver offers CLOVA Live Chat and CLOVA Message Marketing as AI-powered business solutions.

The Big Picture: The new tool is part of Naver's broader efforts to use AI to increase business productivity.

As live commerce grows, these developments could significantly impact how merchants prepare and execute live sales sessions.

The AI Cue Sheet Helper service and other AI-powered tools from Naver could reshape the process of preparing for live commerce and provide additional support for businesses in this sector.