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POSCO DX and Exotec Innovate in Logistics Automation

Source: POSCO Holdings

POSCO DX and Exotec Collaborate on Logistics Automation.

Why it matters: The strategic partnership between POSCO DX, a notable player in smart logistics, and Exotec, a French unicorn company specializing in logistics automation, could impact the domestic and international logistics automation market.

Their joint focus on introducing Exotec's "Skypod," an autonomous mobile robot (AMR), into POSCO DX's integrated logistics warehouse project could shape future operations in the sector.

The Key Points

  • This move makes POSCO DX the second company in Asia after Japan to secure the rights to supply Exotec's system, which could change the competitive landscape.
  • Seok Jae-ho, head of the Logistics Automation Business Division at POSCO DX, emphasized their intention to become the first domestic supplier of the Skypod system. Their plans also include entering new markets in logistics center automation.
  • Gilles Baulard, Vice President APAC at Exotec, recognized the potential for expanding their involvement in the Korean logistics automation market.
  • Exotec's 'Skypod,' an AMR, aims to optimize space utilization and improve scalability. It offers a storage capacity of up to 12 meters in height, outperforming several existing products.

The Big Picture: With the combined resources and insights of both companies, this collaboration could reshape logistics automation.

POSCO DX's previous experience managing a baggage handling system (BHS) at Incheon International Airport and Exotec's innovative approach to warehouse automation could prove crucial in building integrated logistics centers.

In parallel, Exotec recently opened the Tokyo Demo Center to showcase its robotic solutions, underscoring the company's commitment to advancing the industry.

The hands-on experience provided by the center could enhance the understanding and acceptance of the Skypod system.

As such, this partnership between POSCO DX and Exotec could be a significant turning point for innovation and efficiency in logistics automation.