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Rakuten Pay's New 'Store Experience Survey' Feature Aids Merchants

Source: Rakuten Payment

Tokyo, Japan - Rakuten Payments has launched a "Store Experience Survey" feature for merchants on its Rakuten Pay app.

This feature allows merchants to collect feedback from users immediately at purchase, providing insights that can be used across multiple aspects of their business.

Why it matters:

In the evolving payments landscape, strategies that prioritize user experience and provide actionable insights for merchants may become more common.

Rakuten Payments' launch of the Store Experience Survey feature reflects an approach that focuses on immediate feedback and a closer relationship with users and offers a glimpse into potential future directions for the industry.

The Key Points:

  • Instant feedback: The new feature enables merchants to gain real-time insights into the user experience at the point of payment, potentially informing product development, marketing strategies, and store evaluations.
  • User engagement: Users who complete the survey can earn Rakuten Points, a system expected to increase response rates.
  • Integration with the Rakuten Pay application: The survey is integrated with the Rakuten Pay application, eliminating the need for additional steps at the merchant's store.
  • Business strategy alignment: This feature aligns with Rakuten Payments' ongoing efforts to expand cashless payments and improve the user experience.

The Big Picture

Rakuten Payments' introduction of the Store Experience Survey feature is part of its strategy to foster greater engagement between merchants and users.

By providing a questionnaire immediately after a payment is made through the Rakuten Pay app, the feature allows merchants to gauge the user's state of mind and experience at that moment.

This instant feedback can be used to improve various business areas, including product lines, services, and the effectiveness of promotions.