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Rakuten Securities HD Plans Tokyo Exchange Listing

Rakuten Securities HD applies for initial listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Why it matters: Rakuten Securities HD, part of the Rakuten Group, has applied for an initial listing on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The move is seen as a potential expansion of the existing "Rakuten Ecosystem."

The Key Points

  • The Rakuten Group offers more than 70 services ranging from e-commerce, travel, digital content, and credit cards to mobile services such as banking, securities, insurance, and fintech.
  • The Group aims to encourage members to use multiple services to increase lifetime value per member, reduce customer acquisition costs and create synergies.
  • The potential listing of Rakuten Securities HD is intended to promote a more autonomous management perspective and allow consideration of various growth and financial strategies, including fundraising.
  • The Group plans to continue to evaluate its organizational and capital structure, taking into account its creditworthiness and financial soundness while seeking to maximize the Group's growth and corporate value.

The Big Picture: In an industry characterized by rapid change, the Rakuten Group believes its future growth depends on enhancing its competitiveness and agility.

This includes building a structure that supports rapid decision-making and increases capital efficiency.

The listing of Rakuten Securities HD is subject to approval by the Tokyo Stock Exchange following an evaluation by the Japan Exchange Self-Regulatory Organization.

While no firm commitments have been made regarding the listing of the shares or the potential listing date, the proposed listing of Rakuten Securities HD is an essential step in the Group's strategy for sustainable growth.