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Rakuten, VEON Eye Ukraine's Tech Infrastructure Boost

Source: Rakuten

Tokyo, Japan - Rakuten Symphony, a subsidiary of Rakuten Group, and VEON Ltd. have agreed to explore infrastructure development in Ukraine. The focus will be on Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN) and the expansion of digital services.

Why it matters:

Ukraine's infrastructure development is attracting international attention. Rakuten Symphony's collaboration with VEON could be vital to the country's telecommunications development.

The Key Points

  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU): The MoU between Rakuten Symphony and VEON aims to develop a comprehensive telecommunications framework for Ukraine, focusing on 5G connectivity.

  • 'We Build Ukraine' Initiative: Both companies have expressed their support for the Ukrainian State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure initiative. The cooperation may be extended to other VEON markets.

  • Investment in Infrastructure: VEON has earmarked USD 600 million for Ukraine's infrastructure. This investment coincides with the country's upcoming 5G rollout, where Open RAN technologies, the expertise of Rakuten Symphony, will be central.

  • Digital Ecosystem Collaboration: VEON's Kyivstar offers a range of digital services in Ukraine. Conversely, Rakuten has a popular messaging app, Rakuten Viber, with significant usage in Ukraine. There is already cooperation between Rakuten Viber and Kyivstar.

The Big Picture:

The partnership between Rakuten and VEON is focused on using technology to develop Ukraine's infrastructure.

With a focus on telecommunications and digital services, this alliance has the potential to contribute significantly to Ukraine's technological growth trajectory.