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Samsung, MINI Unveil OLED Tech at Gamescom 2023

Source: Samsung Display

Cologne, Germany - Samsung Display has partnered with MINI to showcase its latest automotive OLED technology at Gamescom 2023.

The collaboration between the two companies highlights the ongoing evolution of the automotive and display technology industries.

Why it matters:

The combined efforts of Samsung and MINI are not limited to individual products or displays but reflect a growing synergy between automotive innovation and technological advancement.

The unveiling at Gamescom 2023 is a snapshot of what may lie ahead in the interconnected fields of automotive, technology, and gaming, with implications for investors, strategists, and enthusiasts monitoring trends and directions within these industries.

The Key Points

The partnership between Samsung Display and MINI indicates a broader trend within the automotive industry, where technology and innovation intersect to create new opportunities and challenges.

It's more than a display at an exhibition; it's a glimpse into the possible future of automotive design and functionality.

  • Samsung's circular OLED display: Samsung Display's 9.4-inch-diameter circular OLEDs are displayed on a cylindrical tower known as the MINI Incubator at the MINI booth. This structure, composed of ten 9.4-inch circular OLEDs, symbolizes MINI's vision for the future of mobility and demonstrates how display technology could become an integral part of next-generation vehicles.

  • Eco-friendly advanced technology: Besides the MINI incubator, Samsung is showcasing OLED products developed for automotive use with designs that reduce plastic usage, provide infinite contrast ratios, and minimize blue light. An OLED Finder Experience Zone was also set up for gamers attending the event.

  • MINI's participation at Gamescom: As an official sponsor and mobility partner, MINI is exhibiting at Gamescom for the second year. With the theme "MINI Lab," the company aims to provide a unique mobility experience for the younger gaming audience.

The Big Picture

By integrating Samsung's advanced OLED technology, MINI is demonstrating a progressive approach to the future of automotive displays, potentially influencing industry standards and consumer expectations.

Brad Jung, vice president of Samsung Display, confirmed the company's expectation to continue contributing to the mobility sector through its OLED technology.