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Samsung's New Filter Battles Microplastic Laundry Pollution

Source: Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics has introduced the Less Microfiber™ Filter, developed to decrease plastic microfiber emissions during laundry cycles.

Currently available in South Korea and the U.K., the filter is slated for global rollout in Q3 2023.

Why it matters: Microplastic pollution is an escalating global issue. Samsung's filter, a progression from last year's Less Microfiber™ Cycle, which reduces microplastic shedding by 54%, is a significant move towards combating this problem.

Key points:

  • The filter was developed with apparel maker Patagonia and ocean conservation organization Ocean Wise.

  • It is designed to capture up to 98% of microplastics that would otherwise escape into the environment, equivalent to eight 500ml plastic bottles per year with four times weekly usage.

  • The filter utilizes recycled plastics and incorporates a 65-70 micrometer mesh that traps microplastics, requiring monthly maintenance.

  • It is integrated with Samsung's SmartThings platform, enabling users to receive alerts when maintenance or troubleshooting is required.

The Big Picture: Samsung continues to embed sustainability in its product development.

The Less Microfiber™ Cycle will be available on selected Samsung washing machines from 2022 to older Wi-Fi-enabled models through an update this year.