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Samsung's SmartThings Find Hits 300M Nodes, Enhances Security

Source: Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics (KRX: 005930) has announced that its SmartThings Find service has grown to 300 million "find nodes," registered and opted-in devices that help Samsung Galaxy users locate their devices.

This milestone marks a rapid and steady expansion for SmartThings Find, which has registered an additional 100 million nodes since July 2022, achieving 1.5x growth in just ten months.

Jaeyeon Jung, corporate executive vice president and head of SmartThings at Samsung Electronics, said, "We are thrilled to see this rapid growth of SmartThings Find.

Our connected device ecosystem enables many new possibilities and meaningful benefits, such as reducing the stress of misplacing a device and ensuring the safety of belongings."

The SmartThings Find service can quickly locate multiple Samsung Galaxy devices, including smartphones, tablets, watches, earbuds, and Galaxy SmartTag or SmartTag+ devices.

The increased number of devices increases the effectiveness of Device Location Service because each enabled device can help locate another device.

Security and privacy remain top priorities for Samsung as SmartThings Find benefits many users.

SmartThings Find encrypts user data to protect sensitive information and implements further protection through Samsung Knox, the defense-grade security platform on Samsung Galaxy devices.

In addition, a device's location data is only shared with others with the user's permission, and each user's device ID changes every 15 minutes and is stored anonymously.

The "Find Unknown Tags Near You" feature allows Android and iOS users to quickly and manually determine if unknown tags are in their vicinity. Once identified, users can designate specific tags as "safe.

In addition, SmartThings Find provides security for Galaxy users through the Unknown Tag Alerts feature, which sends notifications when SmartThings Find detects an unknown SmartTag following them, preventing unauthorized tracking.

To enable this feature, users should find the Find service in the Life tab of the SmartThings app.

In addition, users can toggle the Unknown Tag Alerts feature on and off from the Settings menu or manually search for unknown tags in their area.

As SmartThings Find continues to grow, Samsung is committed to improving the safety and convenience of its users.