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Samsung's UK Expansion of Self-Repair Programme

Source: Samsung Electronics

LONDON, United Kingdom - Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is expanding its self-repair initiative to the UK, building on its recent launch in South Korea.

The program aims to make it easier for users to repair their devices by providing essential tools and genuine Samsung parts, potentially extending the life of the device.

Why it matters: By empowering users to repair their own devices, Samsung hopes to extend the life of its products while potentially reducing e-waste.

Key points:

  • The program includes products from the Galaxy S20, S21, and S22 series and the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360.
  • Initially launched in the United States in 2022, the program reaches Europe thanks to collaborations with crucial parts distributors such as Germany-based ASWO.
  • Effective immediately, European users can replace the phone's screen, rear glass, and charging ports on select devices. Owners of the Galaxy Book Pro series will be able to replace seven different parts and keep the tools provided for future use.
  • Samsung plans to expand its self-repair program to include more devices, tools, manuals, and markets, potentially giving customers more repair options.

The big picture: This move aligns with a broader industry trend toward improved repairability and sustainability.

Samsung's initiative allows users to maintain their devices while potentially reducing e-waste actively.

However, the company has clarified its stance on liability, stating that it will not cover damage, injury, or product safety issues resulting from repairs that don't follow its guidelines or are attempted outside of a Samsung Authorized Service Partner.

Customers can learn more about the self-repair program on the Samsung UK website from the end of June.

The company also guides adequately disposing of or returning damaged or used parts and advises users with swollen batteries to seek professional repair services at Samsung retail stores.