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SK Hynix Q3 2023: Navigating Losses Amid Rising Chip Demand

Source: SK Hynix

Seoul, South Korea - SK Hynix Inc. announced its financial results for the third quarter ended September 30. 

The company posted revenues of KRW 9.066 trillion but operating and net losses of KRW 1.792 trillion and KRW 2.185 trillion, respectively.

Key financial figures

  • Revenue: KRW 9.066 trillion (YoY +24%)
  • Operating loss: KRW 1.792 trillion (YoY -38%)
  • Net loss: KRW 2.185 trillion, an improvement of YoY 27%
  • Margins remained negative: the operating margin was -20%, and the net margin was -24%.

Product demand

A surge in product demand offset the financial losses. DRAM shipments increased 20%, and the average selling price increased 10%. NAND shipments also increased.

Business Strategy

The company focuses on high-value products such as HBM3 and DDR5, targeting AI and high-capacity needs. 

This strategy aligns with the increasing demand in the AI technology sector.

Market Dynamics

Production cuts in the semiconductor industry are beginning to stabilize chip prices. 

DRAM demand is expected to accelerate, supported by generative AI technology, while the NAND sector also shows signs of recovery.

Capital Allocation

SK Hynix plans to invest more in HBM, DDR5, and LPDDR5 products. The focus will be on 1anm and 1bnm process technologies, the fourth and fifth generation of the 10nm process.