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SK Hynix's ZUFS 4.0: Boosting On-Device AI Performance

Source: SK Hynix

Seoul, South Korea—SK Hynix Inc. (000660 KS) has developed Zoned UFS (ZUFS) 4.0, a mobile NAND solution optimized for smartphones' on-device AI applications. 

The company asserts that ZUFS 4.0 offers enhanced performance and an extended product lifespan compared to conventional UFS solutions.

The ZUFS technology organizes data storage based on the purpose and access frequency of the data, resulting in faster smartphone operating system speeds and more efficient storage device management. 

ZUFS 4.0 technology has been demonstrated to reduce application launch times by 45% under extended use and to improve read and write performance degradation by more than four times compared to conventional UFS.

2019, SK Hynix initiated a collaborative effort with a global platform service company to develop the ZUFS. 

The ZUFS 4.0 follows the specifications of the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council (JEDEC). 

The company has announced its intention to commence mass production of the ZUFS 4.0 in the third quarter of this year to supply the product to a range of global smartphone manufacturers.