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SK Telecom Launches Enterprise AI Market Platform

Source: SK Telecom

Seoul, South Korea - SK Telecom has launched a new platform called "Enterprise AI Market." 

The platform is designed to enable enterprises and public institutions to create and deploy customized generative AI services such as chatbots. 

Key features of the Enterprise AI Market include the ability for administrators to build AI applications without programming knowledge and for employees to use these applications to automate repetitive tasks in areas such as human resources, finance, legal, and marketing. 

The platform analyzes uploaded documents to answer questions accurately without additional training, avoiding potential AI hallucinations.

In his 2024 New Year's message, Yu Young-sang outlined plans to introduce innovative AI capabilities. 

The launch of the Enterprise AI Market is part of SK Telecom's strategy to expand its presence in the enterprise AI market this year.

The platform is offered in cloud-based and on-premises versions, allowing customers to choose AI models that suit their industry and needs. 

The cloud version enables immediate use with no upfront costs, while the on-premises option offers customized services after consultation, which can benefit industries with high-security requirements.

SK Telecom offers a free two-week trial to the first 100 companies to sign up for the platform. 

In addition, customers can select their preferred big language model from various options, including models developed by SK Telecom's A.X, Anthropic, OpenAI, Allganize's Alli Finance, and other technology partners.

According to Kim Kyung-duk, Vice President of SK Telecom's Enterprise Business Division, the launch marks a milestone in the company's efforts to spearhead innovation and establish leadership in generative AI products and services to enhance business productivity.