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Smartro Launches FreePay App for SMBs to Pay with Apple Pay Without Additional Costs

Photo by / Unsplash

Smartro has launched the first “FreePay” app in South Korea.

The app will allow small and medium-sized businesses to accept Apple Pay payments without paying up to KRW200,000 in terminal replacement costs.

Self-employed individuals who want to use Apple Pay in South Korea will soon face the high cost of terminal replacement.

To address this issue, Smartro has developed and deployed the FreePay app. The FreePay app enables small and medium-sized businesses to accept payments from iPhone users via their smartphones without incurring terminal replacement costs.

Using FreePay, small business owners can process payments from iPhone users without spending money on expensive terminals.

This will make Apple Pay more convenient and accessible for consumers, thereby increasing the adoption of Apple Pay.

Smartro has invested in implementing and developing EMV contactless payment authentication solutions since Apple Pay launched in South Korea last year.

FreePay is available online through the Bizzle service. Bizzle is a revenue/deposit management application.

Small and medium-sized businesses that accept cards can sign up for and use FreePay by searching for Bizzle in the Google Play Store and installing the app.

This differs from other payment services, which require a complex membership procedure.

FreePay allows businesses to accept credit card, cash, QR, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay payments anytime, anywhere, without needing a dedicated payment device.

Businesses already using FreePay can upgrade to Apple Pay acceptance at no additional cost.

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